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Our school’s uniform


  • Dark grey/black - shorts (above the knee), trousers (full length), skirt, culottes or pinafore
  • White polo shirt with or without school logo (or plain white shirt/blouse)
  • Yellow sweatshirt / cardigan with logo
  • White/grey socks
  • Summer Term - yellow gingham dress may be worn
  • Plain black school shoes or trainers. Shoes should be sensible, low heeled and well fitting.
  • Sandals (black, brown or white) may be worn in school during the summer months but they must be sturdy.
  • Hair accessories should be plain coloured; yellow, green, brown or black, and children may not wear Jo Jo Bows, cats’ ears, unicorn horns, etc. to school


PE Kit


  • Yellow T shirt with logo and plain black sports shorts (not baggy knee length)
  • Trainers (but not football trainers please, as these mark the floor surfaces)
  • Plain black joggers / leggings for outdoor games in winter
  • School jumper /cardigan

School Uniform Policy

Second hand Uniform


Second hand uniform can be purchased from the School Office, prices starting from just 50p. All proceeds go to the schools PFA (Parent and Friends Association) so directly benefit the school.


Local uniform shops