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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator:

Mrs Gemma Barnett

Telephone: 01278 422691


Chair of Governors: Hannah Read     SEND Governor: Mary Clothier


At St Mary's Primary School, we believe that all children are capable of achieving wonderful things. Our school celebrates diverse and unique individuals, each possessing a range of qualities and skills. Inclusion, for us, is not about giving all children the same, but giving them what they need in order to succeed. We embrace differences and work together to enable all children to reach their full potential.


"Diversity is a fact, Equity is a choice, Inclusion is an act, Belonging is an outcome."

Arthur Chan, diversity and inclusion strategist 

Meet the SENCO

St Mary's Primary School SEND Information Report

Somerset Graduated Response Tool 

The graduated response is featured in our information report. Watch this video to tell you more about it.

Somerset SEND Local Offer information 

Policy information

Please see our policies that we have in place within our school relating to SEND. 

Accessibility Plan 2021-2024

Welcome to our SEND newsletter section.

Newsletters that address all things related to SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities). You'll find out what activities are available in Somerset, top tips about hidden disability support, training opportunities for parents, acceptance and awareness focus sections and important dates.

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