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At the end of Prayers that are said during Worship, the children & staff are invited to say 'Amen'  if they wish to make the Prayer their own.

Children are also encouraged to write their own Prayers which are then shared at various times during the school week. The Prayers are kept in our Reflection Areas within each classroom.


All of the classes have written their own prayer

Click on the links below to watch them:

Here are some examples of prayers that have been written by children in our prayer room:


Dear God,

Thank you for our values because without them, what would the world be?

Thank you for our food and water

When we find something difficult help us to persevere.




Dear God

I'm thankful for the food and drink to everyone around the world



Dear Lord,

Help me to protect my family and friends always

To always see the best in people




Dear God

Please comfort me when I get worried or concerned.

Please make me know that I am safe because you are with me



An example of a class prayer box

The Lord's Prayer

In school, we say the Lord's Prayer. The Year 6s were asked what this prayer means to them. They rewrote it line by line, in their own words. Here are some of their rewritten versions: