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Mini Police

What are the Mini Police?

The Mini Police project at St Mary’s is a partnership between Avon and Somerset Constabulary and the school.  It will be a fun and interactive volunteering opportunity for up to 20 children who are in Year 5 / Year 6 .  Children were selected through an informal interview process organised by the local police and school.


The children selected to be part of the project help to tackle local issues, as highlighted by the project partnership and their links with local groups.  By assisting the police service, it is hoped that the Mini Police will increase the sense of ownership and pride in their community.


What events will the Mini Police take part in?


The Mini Police will be expected to take part in three events each term.  One will be police led, another will be community led and the third will be a reward event.  In addition, the Mini Police will have responsibilities around the school, when they will work under the guidance of a member of Mrs Homewood and Mrs Mitchell.


When the children attend police events, they will be supervised by school staff. These events can take place at a range of venues including the state of the art Blackrock Training Facility, where the children will have a chance to see the work that the police dog handlers undertake along with the mounted division. 


Who could be in the Mini Police?

Children need the same skills as adult police:

  • the ability to communicate well
  • confidence, courage and initiative
  • the ability to learn facts and procedures quickly
  • to be calm and decisive in challenging situations
  • the ability to work in a team


Welcome to our Mini Police

School activities. Every Thursday the Mini Police will put on their uniforms and support the children during playtimes and lunchtimes. They have made a great start by practicing how to walk around with their partner. It has been lovely seeing them interact with the rest of the school and helping them if they are feeling sad or playing games with them.

Outside of school activities. We have decided to think about keeping the road outside of school safe. The children have started to design posters about safe parking and picking up after your dog. We will soon be placing poo bags along Oakfield Road and taking to adults about parking safely.

Putting up leaflets reminding dog owners to clean up after their dog.

We have been out to check our signs (some need replacing due to rain damage) and see if the posters have worked. We are pleased to say we saw no dog poo on Oakfield Road.

The Mini Police have had a busy day looking at the parking outside of school this morning and supporting children on the playground at lunchtime.

As part of raod safety week the Mini Police designed posters, these were then photocopied and sent home with every child in the school.

The Mini Police have been working with the Foundation stage children. They have helped them to understand how to stay safe on and by roads.

Mini Police celebration assembly