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What Visitors Say About Our Vision

What Visitors Say About Our School


 'It is always a real joy to spend time at St. Mary's both in class and out. Conversations with any adult leaves one with a sense that every child is wrapped in love and care.   
You can see this in class where the children know that everyone wants them to do their very best and will work hard to help them achieve. In their turn the children look after each other and love being at school.'

Steve John - School Improvement Partner


‘Staff at St Mary’s are always warm and welcoming whenever I visit. It is a school that readily helps with anything the Diocese is doing. I particularly love the way that the school looks outwards and supports the families within the community in both a caring and compassionate way, with a determination to support wherever they can. I enjoy seeing the fun and energising things that the school get up to on Facebook – a beacon of light!’

Karen Sancto

School Effectiveness Advisor

Diocese of Bath and Wells