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Uniform Information


We like the children to look tidy and smart for school.  We have a uniform to encourage a sense of belonging in the children.  It also helps to make the children distinctive when engaged in out of school activities.


Long hair should be tied back and long fringes pinned away from the face.  This not only looks smart but also prevents the spread of head lice, and stops hair falling over the eyes or face when working or doing PE and games.  Sensible bows and headbands may be worn.


Children should not come to school with multiple piercings, dyed, gelled or extremely cut or styled hair, false nails or nail varnish, as this is not appropriate for school.


Please encourage a sense of belonging in your child by sending them to school in the correct uniform:

  • Dark grey/black - shorts (above the knee), trousers (full length), skirt, culottes or pinafore

  • White polo shirt with logo (or plain white shirt/blouse)

  • Gold sweatshirt / cardigan with logo

  • White/grey socks

  • Plain black shoes (if trainers are worn they must be plain black. Shoes should be sensible, low heeled and well fitting)


    Items with the school logo can be ordered through a range of suppliers – please contact the Office for details.



Sandals (black, brown or white) may be worn in school during the summer months but they must be sturdy.

Greek-style strappy sandals or flip flops are not allowed, as these are not suitable for running around, adventurous play, skipping, dancing or other similar playground activities.


PE Kit

This must be kept in school at all times and should consist of:


  • Yellow T shirt with logo and plain black sports shorts (not baggy knee length)

  • Daps or trainers (but not football trainers please, as these mark the floor surfaces)

  • Black tracksuit or black sweatshirt and black joggers for outdoor games in winter (optional but advisable)

    Spare change of clothes (FS & KS1) and spare underwear if necessary.

  • White socks


    Outdoor Learning

    This happens in all weathers so a coat is essential in cold weather - old trainers, old clothes and an old coat are necessary.


    Please name all items of clothing.