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Here are some resources to support your child with Reading. I have split the resources into the different phases. Please take a look and use as and when you want. Some of these resources will be used within the topic or phonics overview but it doesn't matter if you repeat.

Real and Nonsense words


In Year 1 the children will be taking part in a phonic screening assessment, this usually happens in June. Throughout the Reception year and also in Year one, we talk about and read words and decide whether they are real or nonsense words. Here are some that you read at home.

One activity that I have seen to make things more fun is to write the words on 'ball pit' balls. set up two half pipes one side for real words and one for nonsense words. The children pick a ball read the word and decide if it is real or nonsense and roll it down the given pipe. We also play this game at school and it is popular.

Here is a photo;