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Reading a book in an unusual place #WBD - 01.03.21

Jenson and Ethan reading ‘Where’s Wally?’ in the bath.

Arthur built a nest and is reading beside it.

Max is reading up in his playhouse.

Ana is reading whilst sitting on the toilet!

Libby is reading in the sink.

Evie is reading in the washing basket.

Evie is reading in her wardrobe.

Ella the mermaid, is reading in the bath.

Riley is reading on top of the monkey bars.

Rorey is reading on the play frame.

Alfie is sitting in the window and reading.

Louis is reading whilst sliding down the stairs.

Here is Alissia reading in an unusual place.

Maria reading by her pond.

Lily reading upside down.

Max reading at the top of the slide.

Eva reading her book to a swan.

Archie reading at the opticians.

Sophie reading up a tree.

Freddy reading in the loft.

Thea reading whilst balancing on her birthday present - I wonder what it was?

Jett is reading his book, whilst being a pirate.

Harry is reading up high.

Izzy is reading whilst doing gymnastics.

Jack has chosen the scaffolding as his place to read.

Ruby and Amber reading in a tree.

Aaliyah reading on her trampoline.

Ollie is reading on his skate ramp.

This is a good place to read - a hammock under a table.

Oliver reading to his cat, in the bath.

Nala-Mae reading whilst throwing a ball for her dog.

Jason reading in a box.

Sam reading and bouncing.

Still image for this video

Eliza reading in the laundry basket.

Amelia reading in the hot tub.

Issac and Miriam reading at the park

Fyn is doing his reading on the trampoline.

Freja is doing some upside down reading.

Joshua reading in the tumble drier.

Rosie and Reggie reading and swinging.

Hannah enjoying the sunshine, reading in a tree.

Ashton reading in his dog’s house.

Daisy riding her rocking horse and reading.

Olivia reading Harry Potter on her trampoline.

Brianna enjoying her book, in the airing cupboard.

Boe enjoying the sunshine whilst she reads.

Isla hanging around with her book.

Freya chilling out in the fridge with a book.

Tayen listening to her audiobook on the roundabout.

Phoenix reading under her bed.

Jude reading in the shower.