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Letter to parents regarding Coronavirus - 15th March 2020

15th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,




As announced by the Prime Minister, schools are NOT closing at the moment. However, some very clear advice has been issued:


If your child shows symptoms of Coronavirus, (a high temperature, 37.8 or above, and/or a new, continuous cough) he/she is to stay at home for SEVEN days.


At St Mary’s we are following a staged and sensible risk assessment. The following measures are already in place:

  • Teachers are using hand washing posters, a variety of songs and videos to illustrate good hand hygiene habits.
  • Additional cleaning programme – staff are cleaning high use areas such as taps, door plates, door handles, ipads, at lunchtime and after school.
  • Additional hand cleaning in place, both with soap and water and with anti-bac hand gel. We have purchased E45 for children with sensitive skin as we have noticed that some children’s hands have become red with the additional hand washing.


These measures will be in place from tomorrow, Monday 16th March:

Delay measures:

  • We would ask that you keep your children at home for seven days if they are showing symptoms. We understand from the latest government guidance that they will not be testing those with mild symptoms.
  • We will be taking temperatures if we are worried about high temperatures.
  • There will be no ‘carpet time’, and children will be sitting at their desks.
  • All whole school Collective Worship will be cancelled up until Easter. Collective Worship will take place in the children’s classrooms. This will be reviewed as time goes on.
  • In order to try and ease the high volume and close proximity at the start of the school day, we are extending arrival time to 9.30am. We understand that many of you need to get to work, but if you feel that you would like to bring your child in later to avoid being in a crowded space, then please do so, up to 9.30am.
  • We are cancelling swimming lessons and all school trips up until the Easter holidays, as well as the Easter Service. Currently, Parents’ Meetings will still be going ahead, but will take place in classrooms as this will reduce the number of people gathering in one place.


We are taking these measures to delay the spread of the virus and hope that parents support and understand why we have to do this, given the circumstances. We are receiving no specific guidance from Public Health England or from the Government, and so we are trying to make the right decisions based on the knowledge that we have, which is the same as all of you have.


As we are given more information or more guidance, we will make judgements based on that and will of course keep you informed. We do none of this lightly.


Thank you for your continued support.


Kind regards,


Morwenna Dunstan