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Our allotment work is supported by a Sedgemoor District Council Health & Wellbeing Grant. The children are grateful for SDC's support - thank you!

Three allotments are now prepared for ongoing maintenance.

Harrison and Aimee visited the Council Chambers to talk about their garden allotments project. Everyone was very impressed!

Planting has commenced!

Y4 Preparing their allotment for planting

We now have our shed ready for the new growing season!

Our allotments are slowly getting ready for winter.

Foundation Stage children raking their allotment.

Year 1 working on their allotment

The final harvest has begun!

The allotments are looking good.

The allotments are thriving!

Councillor Gill Slocombe and Mrs Jacqueline Strong, SDC, visited our allotments.

Year 4 reaping the rewards of their hard work!

Beautiful dahlias in the Foundation Stage allotment!

Foundation Stage Allotments

Year 6 Allotments

Year 6 Curriculum Celebration - Allotments

Y6 Digging over the soil in preparation for planting beetroot, purple sprouting and lettuce.

The allotments are coming along - these are not bags of rubbish, they are potato sacks!

FS children preparing the allotment for planting.

Year 1 Gardening Session

Y3 children have been splitting a clump of chives and planting them. They also planted some primulas.

Spring has sprung!

Allotment Design Winners

Allotment Design Entries

Foundation Stage Allotment

Year 4 potato bags prepared for planting while the seed potatoes are chitting in class

Year 1 preparing the ground

Year 6 working on their allotment

The first signs of Year 5's garlic.

Preparing the Allotments for Planting